A new type of solar panels (3 photos)

Создан новый тип солнечных панелей (3 фото)

Currently, solar panels are either organic or silicon. Organic have the flexibility and transparency, while silicon panels, although more efficient, these properties do not exist. A team of researchers at mit has set itself the task of developing solar panels that would be both flexible and transparent, and, at the same time, quite effective.

For this they chose graphene – material of a two-dimensional allotropic modification of carbon, a layer of atoms has a thickness of just one atom. Because of this, he perfectly conducts electricity. However, we still had to solve the problem of how to stick the electrodes directly to the substrate. If the attachment of graphene to carry out gluing or by heating, it can be damaged, which will lead to decrease in conductivity.

Создан новый тип солнечных панелей (3 фото)

MIT scientists found an original solution: they have developed a technique that enables graphene to strengthen, spraying on the top layer is ethylene vinyl acetate that gives the same effect as the layer of glue. So the problem was solved with the electrodes. According to Yi song, one of the developers of the project, in this case, both the upper and lower electrodes will be able to fully perform the functions of electron flow.

Создан новый тип солнечных панелей (3 фото)

When we received the first sample of the new solar cell, was tested to compare its effectiveness with those materials normally used in solar panels: aluminum, indium-tin oxide, the standard materials on different substrates, glass (rigid) and flexible. Testing showed that the conversion efficiency was 4.1%. However, this result is worse than are modern panels, but it surpasses the efficiency of the transparent panels.

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According to calculations, the solar panels with graphene is capable of, without losing clarity, become more efficient by 10%, but if you exceed this value, the transparency will fall. What is the cost potential of the solar panels from a new material and its durability with wear resistance, not specified.

Source: newatlas.com

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