Spanish telescope will be engaged in search of gravitational waves (2 photos)

Испанский телескоп займётся поиском гравитационных волн (2 фото)

The University of Warwick, located on the Spanish island of La Palma, began working telescope GOTO. The equipment is designed for search for optical signs of gravitational waves. The researchers believe that the results of the observations will allow to better understand the nature of gravitational waves and to contribute to the practical confirmation of Einstein’s theory.

Two years ago specialists servicing the telescope LIGO, was discovered ripples in space-time continuum. It looks like minor fluctuations generated by gravity waves. They were identified by the method of laser interferometry. Repeated studies have confirmed these results.

Испанский телескоп займётся поиском гравитационных волн (2 фото)

The observation of waves using the new telescope will help to identify the correctness of Einstein. Recall that in the early 1900s, he suggested that the collision of large celestial bodies (stars, planets, comets, black holes) creates ripples in the Universe warps the continuum and creates gravity.


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