10507 Star Tabby again mysteriously flickers (2 photos + video)

Star Tabby again mysteriously flickers (2 photos + video)

Звезда Табби снова таинственно мерцает (2 фото + видео)

Once again among the astronomers, the controversy erupted about an unusual optical phenomenon occurring around the star KIC 8462852 known informally as the Tabby in honour of the first astronomer who wrote about abnormal sun — TABATA Bagan. Sudden changes in the brightness of stars that reach into the peak moments to 22 percent from nominal, result in different hypotheses, including such exotic as the alien theory about the construction of the Dyson sphere.

Discovered in 2009, the star KIC 8462852 located a thousand light years from the Sun in the constellations Cygnus and Lyra. The star has a weight and a radius of more than one and a half times larger than our Sun. Unusual phenomenon for the first time, scientists have tracked in 2015, when the “planet hunters” found the unnatural falloff. The astronomer of Yale University Tabetha Bajan pointed to an unnaturally large power reduction of the light emission discovered using the Kepler telescope. Such changes of brightness usually reach one percent, while for the star KIC 8462852 this figure reached 22 per cent.

Usually skeptical to an alien version of astronomers were forced to admit that such intense drop in may was due to the intervention of extraterrestrial intelligence, in particular the construction of the Dyson sphere. Also there is speculation about the giant dust cloud or a mass gathering space objects.

Звезда Табби снова таинственно мерцает (2 фото + видео)

In mid-may of this year, there was another change in the brightness of stars, which caused a renewed interest in solving the riddle. The astronomers discussed the fluctuation of the signal light, the incident fifteen hundred years ago and finally reached Earth. Recent hypotheses that attempt to explain the flickering, there was a theory about the characteristics of the trajectory and the speed of rotation of the star, which may cause a significant increase in KIC 8462852 radius at the equator. However, the final explanation of the phenomenon has not yet been found. And it is not skepticism, but a simple lack sufficient data. What makes a star twinkle appears briefly and then disappears for several years. But so interesting and still not solved the property KIC 8462852 have attracted much attention of many researchers and instruments. Experts believe that in the future it will help you to collect more information to identify the true cause of the phenomenon.

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