10411 Test firing of the engine of heavy missiles SLS (video)

Test firing of the engine of heavy missiles SLS (video)

Огневые испытания двигателя сверхтяжелой ракеты SLS (видео)

The controller of the rocket engine RS-25, which the space Agency NASA intends to use in the launch of super-heavy rocket Space Launch System (SLS) to send spacecraft Orion beyond earth orbit, has successfully passed the second series of fire tests. The engine staff have worked for 500 seconds.

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RS-25 is the engine, once used in the Shuttle, but the last upgrade and received a new controller, which is considered one of the key changes. Its tasks include ensuring the connection between the engines and the rocket, the tracking of the ratio of fuel oxygen-hydrogen mixture and of the thrust level. The SLS will use four modified RS-25 engine, running concurrently, and a pair of solid rocket boosters.

Source: NASA

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