The American providers obtained the right to disclose the data of its users

Американские провайдеры добиваются права на разглашение данных своих пользователей

The rules of privacy, approved by the Federal communications Commission (FCC) last fall, providers were obliged to seek the consent of its customers to transfer to other companies for their data that is considered sensitive: email, mobile apps, chat rooms and anything that may be of interest to advertising and other companies. Internet service providers, including media giants such as Comcast, Verizon and AT&T are negatively reacted to the introduction of these rules, as this inevitably caused difficulties in “monetizing” user personal information.

The administration of the trump initiated a vote in the Senate for the abolition of the privacy policy, and it succeeded, albeit with a minimum margin of 50 votes “for” (of course, it’s Republican senators) and 48 “against” (Democrats). The decision of the Senate has caused legitimate indignation of the defenders of the rights of consumers. According to experts in this area of Dallas Harris, the most American Internet users have been relegated to the status of a product standard data set for marketing, as their interests receded into the background under pressure from providers.

Thus, supporters of the rules of privacy was defeated in the fight with the corporate giants of the providers for the preservation of the confidentiality of personal information. However, the resolution of the Senate has not yet entered into force: first, it must be considered by the House of representatives, and at the end of a President Donald trump puts his signature on the document.


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