10036 The holographic avatar of Cortana (video)

The holographic avatar of Cortana (video)

Голографический аватар голосового помощника Cortana (видео)
For many people, voice assistants, Cortana, Siri, and Alexa became an integral, routine part of life. However, to enhance the effect obtained from communication with artificial intelligence, lacking the visual embodiment. To this idea I decided to attach the arm Jarem Archer (nickname in the Internet unt1tled). Created by the inventor of the single holographic avatar assistant Cortana reminds the heroine of the computer game HALO and fully performs all the standard functions.

In view of the unsuitability of the standard assistant for the holographic interpretation, the inventor had to use the original engineering and design. The base computer had selected computer system format Mini-ITX, equipped with 4 GB of RAM and having the opportunity to work under Windows 10. Design of holographic display is a pyramid made up of glass panels, located at a certain angle. This design provides the possibility of a full circular view and obtain visible images of excellent quality.

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In the process, the inventor has solved several non-trivial task. First program was developed, allowing to control the whole process of work on Cortana, which initially was not provided in Windows 10. At the same time to make the process work assistant greater reliability of the Archer using the face detection technology, enabled the “avatar” to track the position of the head and eyes of the user and always keep a “conversation”, looking eye-to-eye. It is hoped that a bold idea brought inventor alone without serious financial injections will be able to use a highly potential owner Cortana — Microsoft.

Source: unt1tled

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