10227 The ISS may receive the Laundry

The ISS may receive the Laundry

На МКС может появиться прачечная

In order to reduce the amount of cargo delivered to the space station, the developers of Rocket-Space Corporation “Energy” has offered a simple but ingenious solution is to implement directly on an orbit wash contaminated clothing.

Currently, the astronaut wears one set of clothes for 3-4 days, after which it is recycled. With such a rate of consumption for participants in the space mission you have to deliver to orbit up to 600 kg of clothing per year. And if the expedition to Mars will need to reserve for a change of clothes up to 3000 kg payload. However, traditional washing with water is not possible due to the high cost of delivery outside of the Earth.

The offer of scientists from the “Energy” is to use the carbon dioxide emitted by astronauts. Increasing the pressure of 74 atmospheres and maintaining the temperature at about 31 degrees Celsius can translate carbon dioxide into a liquid that will clean efficiently used by astronauts clothes.

Source: TASS

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