The obtained single-atom magnet for storage of data (2 photos + video)

Получен одноатомный магнит для накопителей данных (2 фото + видео)

Exploring opportunities to minimize the physical amount of memory used for storing units of information – bits, researchers from IBM have created the world’s smallest magnet consisting of a single atom. The present invention, with perfect tunneling microscope, can lead to revolutionary changes in ways of storing information.

Recording information in the electronic memory is performed by creating binary systems of symbols using particles that carry magnetic charge. Thus, if the cell is magnetized, this symbol is interpreted as “1” and the neutral, non-magnetized cell is read as “0”. This binary system was used in the first storage media currently in use and will remain popular for the foreseeable future of mankind.

Получен одноатомный магнит для накопителей данных (2 фото + видео)

Led a group of scientists and experts from IBM researcher Christopher Lutz explained the desire to reduce the unit cell to the size of a single atom with a desire to know what processes can occur. The testers used the particles of the rare earth holmium, dividing it in a vacuum to single atoms. Magnetized individual atoms opposite charges, scientists have tried to place them as close as possible, without neutralizing them. The result is that the distance at which there is a reciprocal discharge of the particles is equal to one nanometer.

The results of these experiments it can be concluded that using single-atom magnets can store the recorded information on the media with a recording density 1000 times greater than current systems of information accumulation. For clarity – using single-atom data storage, the entire iTunes music library with 35 thousand music pieces can be placed on a drive the size of a credit card. At the moment, it remains to solve the issue of manufacturing technology systems accumulation of data on the monatomic magnets and adjustment of issue of such systems at commercially viable prices – up to $ 10 for the product.

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