9839 The pair visited the McDonald's on the helicopter (2 videos)

The pair visited the McDonald’s on the helicopter (2 videos)

Австралиец посетил McDonald’s на вертолете (2 видео)

Hungry man no obstacles will stop. Australian helicopter pilot was not able to cope with his hunger and landed on the lawn of the fast food restaurant McDonald’s in Sydney for the corresponding order. Employees are not denied to a client who came to him in an unusual way, and served, as expected. Some eyewitnesses, who filmed the incident, adopted the “emergency landing” for calling an ambulance and pretty surprised with the true cause.

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The incident is already interested in the Australian Office for the safety of civil aviation. However, the pilot named Dan, released on bond with the community through the local radio station reported that in his actions there was nothing illegal. The country is not prohibited planting on private property with the landowner’s permission. In turn, the representative of the company McDonald’s Australia sky Oxenham (Skye Oxenham) said that the restaurants welcome all customers, if they follow the safety rules when you visit their establishments.

Source: 9news.com.au

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