10209 The protons will hit Oncology

The protons will hit Oncology

Протоны ударят по онкологии

A group of Russian scientists has completed a series of practical tests of the new method in the fight against cancer. Experts claim that they successfully tested with proton therapy is much safer using the radio wave method and effective even in inoperable areas.

The tests were carried out using the particle accelerator “Prometheus” on the sick mice. Changing the power of the directional beam, the duration of exposure and the number of sessions in the course, experts ITEB based in Protvino near Moscow, could slow the growth of tumors. The effectiveness of the method is extremely high: about 80% of the rodents escaped from the primary cancer, although 60% of them later there was a relapse. The first group lived for two years (the average lifespan of mice), the second — three months longer than the animals treated with traditional methods.

In comparison with gamma rays and electrons, which are still used by doctors for the treatment of cancer, protons affect cancer cells maximum sighting, without hitting healthy tissue. In addition, they are effective against radioresistant varieties of the malignancy that primarily affects children. Now patients with lesions of the brain, bones and some other complex and vital organs a chance.

Experts say narrowing the beam aimed at the tumor protons, can be limited to two therapy sessions. This high efficiency will reduce the cost of expensive treatment.

Source: RIA Novosti

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