The smell after rain can be treacherous (3 photos)

Запах после дождя может быть коварным (3 фото)

In the journal Nature has published a profile article devoted to determining the relationship between the distribution of melibiose and monsoon season. A team of biologists have found that weather conditions indirectly affect the epidemiological situation in a tropical climate and can become a real problem in the absence of antibiotics.

Запах после дождя может быть коварным (3 фото)

All of us familiar odor petrichor that occurs immediately after a rain, however, scientists have now covered the question of its impact on the human body. Science has long been known that it forms geosmin — a waste product of many organisms, in particular pathogenic cyanobacteria and aktinomicetov. In small quantities it carries no potential threat, however, some people may provoke the development of serious diseases.

Запах после дождя может быть коварным (3 фото)

How the substance is distributed in the air? Helped experiment. Scientists have adopted a fluorescent pigment and high-tech camera capable of high-speed shooting. After reviewing the videos, they found that every drop of rain, starting from the porous surface of the earth, releasing hundreds of bubbles with Jasmina. Mixed with oxygen, it is easily and quickly carried by the wind for hundreds of kilometers.

In General, the results obtained, experts believe, should not provoke people have a phobia against rain. With a strong immune system to catch a relatively rare disease even in the rainy season will not be easy, and advanced methods of therapy and does not leave him no chance.


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