9551 The US may ban the transportation of electronics in the cabin of aircraft flying from Europe

The US may ban the transportation of electronics in the cabin of aircraft flying from Europe

США может запретить провоз электроники в салонах самолетов, летящих из Европы

Earlier, in March 2017, state agencies, the U.S. imposed a restriction on the carriage as hand Luggage, following Asia and Africa, electronic devices larger than a smartphone. However, according to news Agency CBS NEWS, the Department of homeland security, the U.S. plans to impose similar restrictions on passengers coming to America from the UK.

Airlines whose aircraft make non-stop flights from Europe to the United States, had been warned about the need to be ready to possible restrictions on the carrying of electronic devices in hand Luggage. Such a ban could affect other regions as well. The Ministry said that the restriction is due to the possibility of using electronic means to commit a terrorist act, bookmarks in them of explosives.

At the moment, the US ban on travel in the cabin electronics, the size of which is larger than smartphones. Restrictions are common on flights from 10 airports in 8 countries: Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Jordan), North Africa (Egypt and Morocco) and Turkey. Since the end of March 2017, passengers flying from these countries are unable to take in the beauty of electronic gadgets large sizes (laptops, tablets, DVD players, camcorders and gaming consoles) only allow devices with sizes comparable to a smartphone.

Some car companies are for the convenience of passengers offer separate services associated with issuing the laptops. Emirates allows passengers to use laptops in the period of flight waiting up to raise on Board (then the laptops are collected and sent to the baggage). Qatar Airways provides its customers with laptops in the company of flights.

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Source: CBS NEWS

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