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To identify the cancer cells easier

Идентифицировать раковые клетки стало проще

Experts from Michigan technological University have proposed a new technique of illumination of the tumor during cancer operations. More precision surgical intervention facilitates the work of physicians and increases the patient’s chances for recovery.

Technology works very simply: the antibodies covered by the enzyme beta-galactosidase (beta-galactosidase), absolutely safe for human health. The antibodies themselves detect and attack cancer cells. Surgeons only have to highlight them — the enzyme is highlighted in the IR range, so working with them is relatively easy. Since the glow effect lasts for a long time, oncologists have a great opportunity to spend many hours of operation without additional handling for marking tumors and metastasis.

Идентифицировать раковые клетки стало проще

Recall a couple of years ago, scientists at Oregon state University has developed a similar method of identification of cancer cells, which due to the introduction of additional substances could destroy the heating method. How actively both methods will be implemented in everyday practice and how they will help to reduce the likelihood of recurrence, we will know in the next few years.

Source: sciencedaily.com

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To identify the cancer cells easier

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