The accuracy of location of the new GPS chip is 30 cm (4 photos)

Точность локации нового GPS-чипа составляет 30 см (4 фото)

The American company Broadcom Corporation has announced the launch of a new ultra-precise GPS chip providing location accurate to 30 cm., This figure significantly exceeds the current level of the GPS modules that determine the location of the terrain with an accuracy in the range of 3 to 5 meters. In addition, compared with the products of the previous generation, the new 50% more energy-efficient.

To increase the accuracy of determining the location of the Broadcom chip BCM47755 helps new the principle of the satellite transmission information to supply additional data to increase the accuracy of geolocation.

Точность локации нового GPS-чипа составляет 30 см (4 фото)

Innovative chips will be able to work on the new standard with 30 satellites that are just waiting the “right time” to start. The main customers for the new high-precision GPS will become residents of big cities, as new technologies will allow to neutralize reflected from buildings, interference. Novelty, in contrast to the less precise modern GPS chips that will help to navigate the city, in time to warn about the change of direction, and even help with orientation within the building.

Точность локации нового GPS-чипа составляет 30 см (4 фото)

The manufacturer stressed that some smartphones will receive high-precision GPS modules in 2018. At the same time the world’s largest manufacturer of GPS chips Qualcomm has a long-term relationship with all major manufacturers of smartphones, including the iPhone and new technology is unlikely to get mass distribution in the specified period. The majority of consumers can only wait for Qualcomm will also develop a similar technology or will make a deal with Broadcom.

Точность локации нового GPS-чипа составляет 30 см (4 фото)


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