Uber concealed leak customer database of service and paid hackers

Uber скрыл утечку базы данных клиентов сервиса и заплатил хакерам

The Prosecutor’s office of the state of new York launched an investigation into the hacking of the database, Uber Technologies, which occurred in October 2016. As it turned out, the company known around the world thanks to the creation of her eponymous mobile app to search, call and pay taxi or private drivers, hidden from the public and regulators the fact of theft of information, about 57 million users, among which 50 million clients and 7 million drivers from all over the world.

Is that the management of Uber in the person of former CEO Travis Kalanick (dismissed from his post this summer due to a number of scandals) was aware of the incident, but chose not to disclose a humiliating and terrible fact, to avoid scandal and related financial and reputational losses, but in the hands of the attackers were names, addresses, telephone numbers of clients of the service, as well as information about 600 thousand driver’s license. Hackers received $100 thousand for his silence about the incident and the destruction received from the servers of the company information (the injured party allegedly received corresponding to this “confirmation”).

At the moment in connection with the recent hacking of Uber fired the head of security and his Deputy. The current CEO Dara Khosrowshahi apologized in front of all the participants. What are the consequences of the disclosure of this flagrant case of waiting before we arrived and difficult to predict. Experts say that without notifying customers in a timely manner about the leak of personal data, the firm could violate the law of individual U.S. States on the protection of consumer rights.

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Source: interfax.ru

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