In August “Yandex” announces a new search (video)

В августе «Яндекс» анонсирует новый поиск (видео)

Turning to the official page of “Yandex” it is possible to see one important and somewhat unexpected announcement that on August 22 at 20: 00 Moscow time in the Moscow planetarium the company will introduce a new concept and technology reveal the implementation of the search queries. To see the presentation online, and for particularly active users of “Yandex” plays 100 invitations.

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At the moment, advertising of the company “Yandex” there have been some changes — temporarily replaced the main slogan of the search engine, instead of the motto “everything” the company used the tagline “Search № 1 in Russia”. These changes caused a reaction of the Federal Antimonopoly service, which generally relates to the use prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation terms “best”, “first”, “number one”, “best”, emphasizing the clear superiority of one product over another. In response, the head of the press service of “Yandex” Asya Melkumova argues that, first, this is a temporary slogan, and it represents a part of the campaign, and secondly, the June data showed that 51.3% of queries in Russia is carried out through the search service “Yandex”.

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