15220 In Russia again, talking about the census of mobile cellular devices
In Russia again, talking about the census of mobile cellular devices

In Russia again, talking about the census of mobile cellular devices

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В России снова заговорили о переписи мобильных сотовых устройств

This is what I plan to do the Russian authorities in order to control the circulation of all mobile phones and smartphones, according to news Agency “Kommersant”. This will be the IMEI (number in accordance with the international mobile equipment identifier, which is unique in each instance of the product) devices.

It is no secret that our market sometimes saturated with products since in China, non-factory code IMEI, which after flashing assign the desired value. Now in plans of the Russian authorities the introduction of a penalty for such an “update.” This will facilitate the work of law enforcement agencies, will benefit and sellers of electronics as it will allow you to limit the importation of “gray” deliveries and help in search for stolen gadgets.

Measures will be introduced gradually. According to the representative of the Senator Lyudmila Bokova, at first in Russia will be banned from selling phones not having IMEI and then the item will be made to the customs legislation of the EEU, and then will examine the question of responsibility for the conduct of the flashing.

It is worth mentioning that currently the assignment of the IMEI is performed on a voluntary basis in full accordance with the settings of the GSM Association (the global standard for digital mobile communications). Therefore, some of the mobile cell device IMEI no and 5-10% of them, according to the Association of companies of Internet trade, fixed duplicate IMEI.

The planned introduction of the IMEI registry existed in 2011, with the help of serial numbers you can block stolen devices. Currently, before you take any action to decide the question of what to do with duplicate IMEI, to designate a body responsible for the maintenance of the register, to establish order and so on.

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