In the U.S., approved gene therapy for cancer treatment

В США одобрена генная терапия для лечения рака

Cancer retreats. Undoubtedly, complete victory over him is still not out of the question, but it should be noted the progress in addressing this problem and encouraging results of studies alternately to achieve both Russian and American scientists. Lab Europe, Israel and Japan are also developing new methods and approaches in the treatment of this insidious disease, which are successfully implemented in hospitals, and not only in these countries. A breakthrough in the treatment of cancer can be achievement by the American geneticists who claim that it is for the gene therapy of the future victory over cancer.

The FDA (special management under the control over products and medicines of the USA) for the treatment of b-cell lymphoma approved the application of the method of gene therapy, the essence of which is that leukocyte T cells of the patient of this form of cancer modifierade. Then the modified cells are found a specific protein in tumor cells and kill them.

FDA scientists presented the results of the research, which involved 101 patients with diagnosed b-cell lymphoma in the relapsed stage. In 72% of patients showed a significant decrease in the size of the tumor, and the 51% it disappeared completely. So was the start of a gene therapy method is called Yescarta.

But not so simple as it seems at first glance. First, the complexity of the procedure involves the training of medical personnel, expensive equipment, so roughly this kind of therapy will cost about $373 thousand In-the second, for some patients this treatment can have serious and life-threatening side effects — significant reduction of leukocyte count, anemia. In clinical trials 2 patients died. So Yescarta will only be allowed if the patient has a relapse, or his body did not react positive dynamics for two different treatment option.

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