Viber long-awaited feature (3 photos)

В Viber появилась долгожданная функция (3 фото)

Previously, when changing the mobile numbers of the users of the popular messenger Viber have experienced considerable inconvenience associated with the loss of the account and all associated content of the contact list, texts, correspondence, subscription to public accounts, bought stickers. Changing the SIM card, I had to spend a lot of time and effort to restore the lost contact information, and an archive of correspondence was lost forever. In order to simplify the procedure of changing rooms, and the necessary user data, the developers of Viber has introduced a new procedure that improves the comfort of use of the application.

В Viber появилась долгожданная функция (3 фото)


“Change phone number — easy and fairly common operation. In this regard, we want to provide the most convenient, secure procedure, which, including, will retain the correspondence of the users and their content,” — said the CEO of Viber, His Agawa.

Now, in order to change the phone number should be on the primary device — the smartphone or tablet simply replace your old SIM card to the new one. This will automatically identify the new rooms and the app will prompt the user for permission to replace the old phone number to new and save all data communication in the cloud. Then the user should just enter the new phone number and confirm its authenticity with the help of sent SMS.

В Viber появилась долгожданная функция (3 фото)

Account with the updated room will retain all user data: contacts, correspondence, subscription accounts and previously purchased Steerpike. At the same time all friends of the user in Viber will be sent a notice of change of contact information with an offer to update them.

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In the case of change not only phone number, but the device must move for a new gadget all the contact details. This option is available only when you change devices running on compatible OS: from Android to Android or from iOS to iOS. If Viber is installed on multiple devices, for a successful change, you must update the app on all devices to the latest available version. If one of the devices the update is not made, the account will deactivated.

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