The owners of the cryptocurrency were the victims of malicious attacks

Владельцы криптовалют стали жертвами атак злоумышленников

The miners and the owners of the cryptocurrency was attacked by two groups of resourceful hackers. One of these groups runs the virus to change the wallet address, while others have used the program for mining and withdraw money directly from it.

How can I transfer money is not “on purpose”
This can be done with a virus called CryptoShuffler, which used the first hacker group. It can be used to track the user’s clipboard and in that moment, when the copy key to wallet cryptocurrency, the key is replaced with the address of the wallet of hackers. In the same way, according to “Kaspersky Lab”, the possible theft of the money: Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, zcash for, Dogecoin and others.

As a rule, to the crypto-currency wallet includes more than 20 characters, so it is usually not injected manually, one character at a time and just copy and paste. It was at this point and there is a substitution for an address of the virus in the clipboard. To see this extremely difficult, as the first part of many of the wallets are identical, and the rest is an arbitrary alphanumeric set.

To date, cyber criminals managed to steal about 23 bitcoins, or approximately $165 thousand However, security experts did not revealed the secret, how exactly is going viral attack.

The machinations of the miner
The second group of hackers have used a more complex and ingenious way to steal money. Their goal has become the operating system ethOS with which the miners produce the currency of Ethereum. Special bot seeks out the address range of the mining-farms, those that are connected without encryption, and finding a suitable option, selects a password to gain access to the system.

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The most prudent users, doing farm configuration, change the standard username and password (live and live), but if this is not done, hackers easy to access to control the system. Then even simpler: they just replace the wallet address on their own, and the victim of the attack continues to mine the cryptocurrency, but for them. Such a mechanism of theft outlined experts of antivirus company Bitdefender. However, the success of this group of hackers was much more modest: they stole cryptocurrency only $611.

Source: “Kaspersky Lab”, Bitdefender

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