10515 Wi-Fi allows you to see through walls (video)

Wi-Fi allows you to see through walls (video)

Wi-Fi позволяет видеть сквозь стены (видео)

The ability to use the Wi-Fi signal to pass through any obstacles, a group of experts the technical University of Munich invented a system of 3D imaging that help distinguish objects located indoors.

All objects create electromagnetic waves. Analyzing and recording them using Wi-Fi, which sends up to ten signals per second, the scientists were able to recreate the interior of a building in 2D. In the process of digital reconstruction is data collected by a holographic map of the objects and are then transferred to large-scale three-dimensional model. While the system is able to distinguish objects larger than 4 cm.

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“If the table is a Cup of coffee, you can see that on the table is a small object, but recognize it will not work because of the indistinct forms, told Insider Philip Hall, studying physics and the technical University of Munich, who is the co-author of the study. — Instead, you will be able to identify a person or perhaps a dog, and in fact, any object larger than four inches”.

Interestingly, the idea is based on a simple thesis project of one of the students of the University. It is not too unique — such an approach was used by professionals before, but nobody had the idea to create a hologram and to improve the system scan.

Source: Physical Review of Letters

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