33103 14 New Games & Apps Join Android Excellence Program

14 New Games & Apps Join Android Excellence Program

Google’s Android Excellence program highlights apps and games that are well-optimized and take full advantage of core Android features, and today there are 14 new apps and game included in that program. The list consists of seven games and fourteen apps, all of which have been adapted to use the newest and best tricks in Android’s proverbial book, making them less likely to have bugs and vulnerabilities, and easier to run on all devices old and new, weak and strong.

The list of games includes graphics-heavy online shooter Shadowgun Legends, heir to the Shadowgun legacy that Madfinger stated all the way back in the early dual-core days, along with Nintendo’s well-loved Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which takes full advantage of the platform it’s on to create an experience that is wholly separate from the larger Animal Crossing mythos, but maintains all of the series’ charm. Less well-known games like Cash, Inc. and Shadow Fight 3 made the list for their own reasons. On the app side, Beelinguapp is a well-optimized language app that helps you learn new languages with materials in two parallel languages that you can follow along with. ShareTheMeal, meanwhile, is focused on helping to stamp out hunger. Other apps on the list include finance app Fortune City, well-known image editor PicsArt, and the well-beloved Pocket Casts, just to name a few.

The full suite of apps and games that made the Android Excellence list is available via the Source link at the bottom of this article, and you can try them all out if you’d like, fully confident that they will work just fine on your device. These apps take advantage of new tricks in Android’s system libraries in some cases, integrate core components well enough to avoid bugs and incompatibility in others, and most of the apps on the list do both. They’re designated as some of the best-optimized apps in the Play Store. Whether you’re rocking an old Motorola with a Texas Instruments OMAP chipset, a Chromebook of some persuasion, a pure Google Pixel 2, or the latest and greatest from Samsung featuring the blazing-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, you can trust that every app and game on the list is optimized to work as well as possible on your device without any need for user interference or clever workarounds.

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