3 Adorable Android Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2019

Are you looking for something a bit more charming to play this year? There are a ton of Android games out there and choosing which to play can be hard — especially in today’s world, where gory games reign supreme among other Play Store options. However, we have the solution. These three games are lighthearted, fun and guaranteed to put a smile back on your face in 2019.

Stardew Valley

Everyone loves a good farm simulator, and Stardew Valley has proven to be one of the best. You may have played it on the Nintendo or iPhone, but now, it’s coming to Android. Although the release date hasn’t announced yet, the Daily Star assures us that we’ll see it soon. So, what is this game?

It’s everyone’s favorite farm-to-market melee, of course. It involves a cast of colorful characters sure to please the eye and tickle the funny bone. Stardew Valley is your standard farming RPG but with deeper undertones where you’ll develop your farm and your character to match it.

You can choose which player you’d like, but you all have a similar backstory: you’ve come to the quaint Pelican Town to live a simpler life on your grandfather’s farm. The graphics reflect this, with slightly pixelated and old-timey depictions.

However, don’t expect simple gameplay from this seemingly simple RPG. The side quests become increasingly harder (but much more interesting) as time goes on, and you’ll have to juggle farm maintenance and animal care with human relationships and side missions like fishing and fighting mine monsters.

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Rest assured that this game won’t get boring, though. It’s a complex world where things never stay the same for long. Yes, you must build your farm, but the game is so much more than that. That’s why it features on our list of “Adorable Android Games for 2019.”

  • Release Date: To be determined
  • Cost: $7.99
  • Star Rating: 8.8/10 on IGN

Rainbow Riches

If you’re into casino games, look no further than our top pick for 2019. This year, we’re choosing to get onboard with rainbow riches slots, the most adorable slot game around. This epic five-reel, 10-payline game has everything you need for a good time. You’ll to get lost in the colorful cast of characters as you journey into a world much cuter than ours.

Leprechauns frolic through the Irish countryside as you spin the reels in this fast-paced and enticing game, hoping that they’ll catch on a winning combo. Pots of gold, lucky rainbows and wishing wells also adorn the fields, as do a variety of other symbols.

Gameplay couldn’t be simpler, too: all you must do is line up three or more matching symbols from left to right across the reels. Though the gameplay is relatively easy, there are a few bonus features that make it a bit more challenging.

Land on three, four or five scatter symbols to spin down along the Road to Riches for the opportunity to win 500 times your original wager, with each spin magnifying your chances for grabbing that gold. This thrilling bonus game adds suspense and charisma to Rainbow Riches without detracting from the cuteness.

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To activate the Wishing Well bonus game, land on three wishing well symbols. You’ll then have to choose which wishing well you’ll pick as your multiplier—so choose wisely. The final bonus game is the Pots of Gold, accessible to only the select few.

To activate it, you must line up the pots of gold symbols on the middle reels. Then you’ll be whisked away into a fantastical game where pots of gold and multipliers spin around you. You must stop the pots to reveal your multiplier, which could be up to 50 times your original stake.

  • Release Date: July 2017
  • Cost: Free or set wagers from 0.10 cents
  • Star Rating: 9/10 on Stop and Step

Monster Hunter Stories

There’s a new game in town. The newest title in the Monster Hunter series Monster Hunter Stories released for Android a little while back this past year, but it’s already making waves in the community. Many have praised this adorably animated game from Japanese developer Capcom, and it’s easy to see why.

The game blends remarkably drawn Japanese-style graphics with a fascinating plot full of twists, turns and exciting quests. What’s not to love? A classic RPG, this game differs from others within the series by providing a fresh outlook in the form of different battling styles.

You’ll collect your “monsties” (how cute, huh?) and use them to battle opponents throughout the world. In the Stories game, you won’t be battling in realtime. It’s a turn-based system that has its ups and downs, but it is reminiscent of a high-stakes game of rock, paper, scissors, except you’ll be using Power, Tech and Speed. The whole thing is simple yet incorporates many subtleties, which you must get to know intimately—the challenge is what makes this game so fun.

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The game has been praised for continuing the spirit of the Monster Hunter series in a whole new style— Metacritic hails it as the perfect entry point to the rest of the series, and it holds a score of 79 within their rating system.

Exploration and a nose for adventure will serve you well in the Stories where you’ll receive rewards not only with new monsters to use for battle but with upgraded armor, weaponry and knowledge of the land.

Speaking of the land: It’s full of colorful scenery, cute characters, chances for adventure and all the things you need for an adorable foray into the Monster Hunter Stories world. The open-world style and zero in-app purchases make up for the relatively high cost of the game. Multiplayer options are also available

  • Release Date: September 2018 for Android
  • Cost: $19.99
  • Star Rating: 8.9/10 on IGN

These masterpieces are the perfect way to spend an afternoon on your Android device. While away the hours hunting monsters, chasing leprechauns or farming the countryside. What are you waiting for, huh? Break out your phone and start downloading some games.

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