3 Ways Past Roles Prepared John Krasinski to Play Jack Ryan


John Krasinski makes his debut as the stalwart CIA agent in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video. This new, action-packed role might seem like a huge shift for people who aren’t used to seeing the actor surrounded by explosions. But this a smaller leap than you might think. Here are three ways John Krasinski’s been preparing to play Jack Ryan…

Playing an unlikely hero

Krasinski co-wrote, directed, and starred in this year’s surprise hit A Quiet Place. As Lee Abbott, he fought to protect his family in a post-society setting filled with murderous, sound-seeking aliens. We get the impression that before the world ended, he was just a normal guy, and it was only after things changed that he really stepped up.

This is the core of Jack Ryan’s character. He’s not a “proper” CIA agent; he’s an analyst who writes reports. But he has a knack for ending up in the middle of extraordinary situations and rises to the occasion. It’s not abnormal for Ryan to find himself doing research, and then suddenly be thrust into a global conflict – finding himself in the middle of a terror attack. And that’s when he calls upon his other skill set to be the hero.

Playing a soldier

Krasinski also starred as a former Navy SEAL in director Michael Bay’s 2016 film 13 Hours, a movie about the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi. It’s another example of the actor playing a person who’s not expecting the extraordinary events he’s about to be caught up in. Krasinski’s 13 Hours character may have had more rigorous physical training than Ryan, but we’ve got a hunch the analyst will figure something out.

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Playing a charming sports star

Director and star George Clooney’s 2008 Leatherheads takes place during the unorthodox early days of professional football. Krasinski plays Carter Rutherford, a golden boy who’s famous for a heroic deed during World War I. But his story doesn’t quite add up, and the truth is way more ridiculous than the legend.

Jack Ryan is a similarly charming, likable guy with his own secrets that threaten to upend his life. Ryan can’t really tell anyone what he does at the CIA — even when it’s awesome stuff like holding off a bunch of bad guys with a grenade. Honestly, all secrets are a burden. Even the badass ones.

You can see Krasinski’s performance for yourself in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan — streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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