157186 A few antitrust activists are trying to publicize Google's trial

A few antitrust activists are trying to publicize Google’s trial

The Google vs US antitrust trial is for the most part not a public event. But that isn’t stopping law school graduate Yosef Weitzman and a few others from trying to publicize every aspect of the trial possible.

The big issue for most who might want to know about all the most intricate details of the trial is that it’s not really easy to view. Google has opposed livestreaming the trial which means you can’t watch it online or on broadcast networks of any sort. And it isn’t exactly feasible for many news outlets to send out journalists to report on the entirety of the 10-week long case. Still, despite Google’s attempts to keep things hush hush, people like Yosef Weitzman are attempting to get all the most important information out.


Weitzman is in good company. More individuals seeking details include Megan Gray and Tim Wu. Gray is an attorney who has fought against Google in court multiple times. And says she will try to see if she can make it the whole ten weeks. Wu is a law professor from Columbia University that was only able to attend the first day so far. But is interested nonetheless.

As Wired points out, there are a handful of others doing similar things. With some packing up and moving to be within walking distance of the Washington D.C. courthouse. So as to avoid missing a single day of the trial. Which is expected to continue almost every day well into November. It’s a dedication that Weitzman feels is necessary to ensure the public knows about what’s happening.

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The Google antitrust trial will affect everyone, so the public needs to know about it

This is the basis of why those like Weitzman are going so far as to temporarily move to near the courthouse. Because missing too many days could mean missing out on key information that is important for the public to know. Weitzman notes that his main goal has been to “just be accurate” and report on what’s happening. While trying to do so in a fair way that isn’t biased towards either Google or the DOJ. “This trial will affect everyone, so it’s important that the public is aware of what’s going on,” Weitzman says.

So far Weitzman and others have been sharing the details of the trial via social media platforms like X and Bluesky. In addition to newsletters like Substack. Weitzman is writing about the trial for Matthew Stoller’s ‘BIG’ newsletter, as well as his own BIG Tech on Trial newsletter. Weitzman is also sharing details about the trial via tweets over on X.

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