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A New Home for Loose Change


Loose change mysteriously finds its way to the back of every sofa, into the very bottom of every draw and somehow scatters itself sporadically around the room, so having something that contains these coins is probably a worthwhile investment, right?

Well that’s exactly what this alluring little product is for! The multi award-winning (iF Design 2018 & red dot 2017) Storage Box Series is more than just your regular piggybank, it’s the product of combining both a piggy bank and a small collection tray in wonderful harmony to create a useful addition to the home.

The subtle design features elevate its usability as well as enhance the level of visual interest; the slight lip around the perimeters of the tray contains the items thrown on top, while the narrower base visually lightens the product and raises it off the ground, creating an intriguing drop-shadow and completing the design.

Designer: Peishan Mai










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A New Home for Loose Change

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