150710 A new OnePlus 'Concept' phone is coming to MWC 2023

A new OnePlus ‘Concept’ phone is coming to MWC 2023

It seems like OnePlus plans to show off a new ‘Concept’ phone at the MWC 2023. The Mobile World Congress 2023 kicks off on February 27, and if a well-known tipster is to be believed, a new ‘Concept’ phone is exactly what we’ll see.

OnePlus is planning to announce a new ‘Concept’ phone at MWC 2023

This information comes from Max Jambor, as he says that OnePlus will announce the OnePlus Concept Two handset. This will happen over two years after the first one got announced. The OnePlus Concept One debuted at CES in January 2020.

As some of you may recall, the OnePlus Concept One resembled the OnePlus 7T Pro to an extent, but it had a disappearing camera on the back, and a leather backplate with McLaren’s branding.


OnePlus used electrochromic glass on the back glass to make the cameras disappear. Truth be said, it was a really nice concept device, and it’s a shame that tech never got used in an actual product.

That device is still a total mystery

We’re not really sure what is OnePlus planning to show us this time around, though. We can’t even guess, as it could easily be something entirely different than two years ago.

Considering that the company used one of its latest designs in 2020, it’s possible the OnePlus Concept Two will rework the OnePlus 11 design. That’s just a wild guess, it could be something else entirely.


As a reminder, the OnePlus 11 did launch in China already, but it did not debut globally. That is expected to happen next month. Those of you who end up being at MWC 2023 will be able to check out the OnePlus 11, presuming it launches globally prior to the show.

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OnePlus will also be showing off its new pair of truly wireless earbuds next month. So we’ll see a bunch of products from the company.

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