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A plywood stool with some bounce!

Exploiting plywood’s ability to be flexible but hold its shape rather well, designers from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen created the Mågen stool, a stool that takes inspiration from Sori Yanagi’s Butterfly Stool, but adds some bounce to it! Comprised of six individual molded plywood pieces, the Mågen stool allows you to sit on it, and the two upper plywood layers flex under your weight, giving you the feeling of sitting on a cushion. The flexible layers not only make the Mågen a stool that’s comfortable to sit on, they also create an element of interaction that will surely have you bouncing up and down with a feeling that’s 80% delight and 20% curiosity!

Designers: Pernille Løgstrup Iversen, Rikke Palmerston & Fatima Fransson.

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A plywood stool with some bounce!

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