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A Tractor on Steroids


Red is a semi-autonomous machine with a nearly unlimited number of heavy duty applications from forestry to construction thanks to its shape-shifting design. Its unique symmetrical structure enables instantaneous switching between moving directions. Additionally, each of its “limbs” can extend or contract to accommodate varying needs and spatial requirements. All of the wheels are equipped with all-electric motors so power is distributed individually.

Its autonomous drive system also aims to improve work safety and productivity. Using infrared scanners, Red can travel autonomously between sites, programmed to follow patterned routes via GPS, track human operated vehicles, or be controlled remotely to execute more precise tasks and maneuvers.

As for safety, infrared laser scanners are installed on both sides of the bonnet and in front of the mudguards for 360 degree obstacle detection and collision avoidance. Active sensors emit high intensity illumination, making working at dark as efficient and safe as during daytime. Both ends are also equipped with optical cameras for remote control in more delicate situations.

Designer: Joona Järvinen








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A Tractor on Steroids

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