Add Some Power To Your Couch With The Link2Home Sofa Socket For $20

The Link2Home Sofa Socket is a really cool idea, and Woot has it on sale today for $10 off of its regular price. Bringing it down to just $19.99.

Basically what this is, is a socket that can sit on the couch between the cushions or the cushion and the arm of the couch, and gives you power. In the form of an AC outlet and two USB-A outlets.

Allowing you to charge your phone while you are on the couch watching TV, which is something we’re doing a lot more of right now.


There is an arm on the Link2Home Sofa Socket, which allows it to sit between the cushions in the couch. And it is detachable, so you can adjust it to how you like. This keeps the Link2Home Sofa Socket from getting lost in the sofa. Also a really good idea.

So there’s a single AC outlet on one end, this can be used to charge your laptop, smartphone, or really anything. It’s a full AC outlet, so it does give you enough power to charge a MacBook Pro. Additionally, the two USB-A outlets on the opposite end are 3.1A. That’s not very fast in 2020, but it is better than nothing. Now if you really want to see the faster speeds, you can plug your phone charger into the AC outlet on the other end.

This is something that you probably didn’t know you needed, but now you have to have it. It’s a really cool product, and I just bought a couple myself. These come in a couple different colors as well. Including gray and black. Allowing you to pick the color that works best for your couch or your living room.


You can pick up the Link2Home Sofa Socket from this sale on Woot today for just $19.99 by clicking here. 

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Link2Home Sofa Socket – Woot – $20

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