Amazon Fire TV Cube $59 – Woot December 2018 Deals

Woot is currently selling the Amazon Fire TV Cube for $59. That matches the all-time low that the Fire TV Cube was priced at during the holidays and on Black Friday, but currently it is not that price on Amazon, only at Woot. So if you missed out on that price and are still looking to get your hands on a Fire TV Cube, Woot is going to be the best option. At $59, it is definitely worth picking up.

The Fire TV Cube is essentially a Fire TV and an Echo smart speaker built into one device. With the Fire TV Cube, you will be able to control your TV using Alexa. So you can ask Alexa to turn on the TV and start watching Fuller House on Netflix, without needing to find the remote or even turning on the TV yourself. Alexa is visual on the Fire TV Cube, since it is appearing on the big screen, which is going to allow you to actually see how the weather is, when you ask for it. And you can also actually see the news when you ask Alexa for your daily briefing – provided the sources have video of the news available.

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