158040 Amazon Prime Members are now getting new healthcare benefits

Amazon Prime Members are now getting new healthcare benefits

Amazon Prime Members can now get health benefits from their subscription thanks to a recent update. The retailing giant introduces this improvement for its users in a bid to ensure that they stay healthy. Customers will be able to benefit from health care services from One Medical thanks to this new subscription plan.

The idea is that users pay a monthly subscription fee and can call on the medical services whenever they need it. Those who subscribe to this service will be able to access medical care regardless of where they live in the country. Additionally, subscribers will also be able to access these services at any time within the week as it is open 24/7 for subscribers.


Amazon is asking for $9 from already existing Prime subscribers to be able to join this new health service. At this asking price, users will be able to reach out to One Medical for any health concerns they have. Are you already an Amazon Prime subscriber and do you have an interest in joining this new healthcare initiative?

Amazon Prime subscribers can now benefit from this new healthcare initiative from One Medical

Amazon took to their news page to share details on a new service they are bringing to customers. This time around, this service isn’t for shopping, streaming, or downloading apps or e-books. The new service the tech giant is bringing to its users is a healthcare service that recruits the services of One Medical.

If you aren’t already aware, One Medical is a healthcare service provider that operates under Amazon’s umbrella. One Medical offers both in-person and remote healthcare services to customers around the country. With this new $9 per month service that Amazon is introducing, subscribers will be able to access services from this healthcare provider.

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This service is only open to existing Amazon Prime subscribers and not just anybody. The services will be accessible via the One Medical app under the “Treat Me Now” section. From here users can get attention to their “common concerns like cold and flu, skin issues, allergies, urinary tract infections, and more.”

Subscribers will be able to get prescriptions or advice for their various health concerns. They can also get “same- and next-day remote or in-person appointments at any of One Medical’s hundreds of primary care offices across the U.S.” More importantly, this new service from Amazon is compatible with a ton of health insurance plans.

This new service will make healthcare more accessible to lots of people around the US. There are a ton of deals and savings offerings for Prime subscribers jumping on this new healthcare service. Are you interested in joining this new subscription to access healthcare from the comfort of your home?

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