56330 American Museum of Natural History T-Rex Exhibit Comes to Your House
American Museum of Natural History T-Rex Exhibit Comes to Your House

American Museum of Natural History T-Rex Exhibit Comes to Your House

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Are you a fledgling paleontologist looking to try your hand at assembling your very own T. Rex skeleton? You could do this with two other friends if you went to visit the American Museum of Natural History, where a new interactive exhibit allows three people to craft their very own to-scale T. Rex skeleton. That field trip to the American Museum of Natural History might not be feasible to everyone, so Viveport is bringing you right into the action without having to be in New York City.

A new, updated version of the T. Rex Skeleton Crew that you can experience at the museum is now available at home on Viveport as a free download to Viveport Infinity subscribers, or as a $4.99 purchase from the Viveport store. Viveport Infinity is, essentially, the Netflix of VR games that gives you access to hundreds of VR titles with a $12.99 monthly subscription.

Rex Skeleton Crew allows players to assemble a full-scale Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton themselves, making this a unique single-player experience that’s got a bit of a different feel from the museum version because of this change. Players will be able to inspect each and every bone on the dinosaur’s intricate skeleton and place them where they are supposed to go, helping to learn more about the structural anatomy of the fearsome apex predator from long ago.

Taking place in the T. Rex’s natural habitat of what is now Hell Creek, Montana, players will experience the latest virtual rendering of what we believe a T. Rex could have looked like based on the latest findings from fossils and related paleontology finds. Hell Creek, Montana was believed to be a warm and wet environment, a bit contrary to what we know it as nowadays, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex itself probably even looks a bit different than what was portrayed in Jurassic Park just 20-something years ago.

Once players assemble the skeleton and experience what a full-scale T. Rex could have looked like, they can take a new behind-the-scenes tour with paleontologist Mark Norell, a curator from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and world-renowned T. Rex expert. This makes the new single-player version of T. Rex Skeleton Crew a more involved experience than what is available at the Museum and gives players a significant amount of additional content to enjoy.

The T. Rex Skeleton Crew will only work on the HTC Vive and Vive Pro at this time. Other experiences on Viveport are also available for Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S headsets as well. Viveport was opened up to Oculus headsets just recently, and players with any of these popular PC-powered VR HMDs can utilize all of Viveport’s content.

This isn’t the first educational experience that Viveport has brought to players either. VR has proven to be a tool that can be both entertaining and educational at the same time and is providing new and interesting ways for players and students alike to get their hands on something they might otherwise not be able to experience in their homes.

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