56523 Audio On The ASUS ROG Phone II Is Powered By DTS:X Ultra

Audio On The ASUS ROG Phone II Is Powered By DTS:X Ultra

When you think of gaming hardware, ASUS is most certainly one of the names that pops up and it may even be the first name you think of. This is all thanks to ASUS’ dedication to carving out a nice sized piece of the pie for itself in the gaming hardware industry with its Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand. Its latest piece of hardware in this space is the ROG Phone II, and if the phone wasn’t already powerful enough it’s confirmed that the audio will be powered by DTS:X Ultra technology.

For gamers that are familiar with the technology you know the boost in the overall experience that it can bring you. For gamers that aren’t familiar, DTS:X Ultra technology will make the ASUS ROG Phone II that much more capable of delivering an awesome gaming experience, thanks to the immersive nature the audio will have.


To provide this DTS:X Ultra adds in accurate three-dimensional sound sources that are “relative to the player,” which means when you hear a sound coming from the game you’re playing and it correlates to something happening to your left, the audio will sound like it’s actually coming from the left.

While this might be just a fun addition to the device for some, for those that take their gaming more seriously immersive audio like DTS:X Ultra can mean the difference between hearing your enemies approaching and not, which can lead to some not so desirable outcomes, like defeat, and no one wants that if it can be avoided.


DTS says the DTS:X Ultra technology integrated with the ROG Phone II’s speakers will bring notable audio improvements to the device like enhanced bass response. It touts details like “pristine audio clarity” and mentions that the technology was highly optimized for ROG headphones and speakers, though you won’t need to connect headphones or speakers to hear the benefits now that the audio tech is baked right into the phone.

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With the original ROG Phone the device featured DTS audio in the form of DTS Headphone:X but it wasn’t integrated for use with the phone speakers by themselves. Instead it was designed and specially optimized to be paired with headphones for much more immersive gameplay.


The ROG Phone II changes all that which means the same upper hand and immersive audio experience that the ROG Phone offered when you wore a supported pair of headphones will be available without them, which is great for anyone who prefers to play mobile games or any games in general without a pair of headphones on, especially if you find them uncomfortable during longer play sessions.

The ROG Phone II is perfectly equipped to deliver here too, thanks to its dual front-facing speakers.


Since DTS:X Ultra was designed by DTS to deliver optimized sound to ROG headphones and speakers, though, if you do choose to connect a pair of either one, you’ll get just as an immersive experience as you would from the integrated phone speakers, and the technology supports all immersive audio formats.

The ASUS ROG Phone II will come powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 Plus chip, along with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage so it’s plenty powerful to handle the latest and highest quality mobile games on offer. It also comes with a 6,000mAh battery so you can play games well into the night without breaking a sweat, and games should look as good as they sound thanks to the 6.59-inch AMOLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate.


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