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BAMTECH Launches Official NHL App On The Fire TV Platform

BAMTECH Media’s official NHL app, created in partnership with the National Hockey League, is now available for download on Amazon’s Fire TV devices. That means fans of the sport can take advantage of the app to stream out-of-market NHL games both live and on-demand via the NHL.TV platform. It goes without saying that won’t include any games which are subject to a nationwide blackout but streaming will be available at up to 60 frames-per-second in HD resolution. Moreover, fans can select which feed to watch – home or away – so that they will be listening to their preferred announcers during games.

Aside from the ability to watch NHL.TV via Amazon’s Fire TV hardware, users will also have access to game recaps for scores and game stats, as well as condensed games. The NHL app also includes a pretty extensive video library that’s loaded full of game highlights and full archived games to watch. Meanwhile, the company took the opportunity of this launch to reveal that the Kindle Fire family of tablets isn’t going to be left out. No release date has been set yet, but over the coming months, BAMTECH also plans to release the same application for Amazon’s tablets.

Perhaps best of all, although the primary functions of the app are free, the NHL.TV subscription is also undergoing a promotion, as of this writing. The price of a subscription service is normally set at around $139.96 but hockey fans can now sign up for just $14.99 without losing any of the benefits of a full-priced subscription – as outlined above. For those who still think that price is a bit too steep, a second option is also available which reduces available content to that centering around a single team. That option is only priced at $11.99, for now, while it ordinarily costs around $111.96 and subscribers can choose whichever team they like at signup. Of course, there’s no word on when that price promotion will close out and, once the first year is up, the price will jump back up to its usual cost. A subscription also extends beyond Fire TV, allowing users to access the content on Android or iOS devices, gaming consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox, Chromecast, and Roku.

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Buy A Full Season Reduced At $14.99

BAMTECH Launches Official NHL App On The Fire TV Platform

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