BANDAI NAMCO Readies Release Of New ONE PIECE Mobile Game

Fans of the popular Anime ONE PIECE will be glad to learn that they can now pre-register to play a brand new Android game based on the series from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Inc. The game, called ONE PIECE Bounty Rush, centers around battling and looting other players and will release at some point in 2018. Although there are no guarantees, that release will presumably happen sooner, rather than later since pre-registration is already available.

As to the game itself, and as alluded to above, Bounty Rush will pit players against players in 4-versus-4 matchups. Beyond that, there isn’t a lot of information that’s been given yet. So it isn’t immediately clear whether there will be any kind of story or campaign mode. However, those player-versus-player battles will happen be taking place in real-time and, of course, will take place in the ONE PIECE universe. In fact, players will need to traverse a fully fleshed-out 3D map throughout the game, once they’ve chosen their team role among five available classes to support their team. Classes include fighters, support characters, shooters, swordsman, and warrior. Each of those will have its own skills and traits, which they bring into battle with them. So assembling a team is going to require a bit of strategy for those who want to win. Powerup items will also be available either through in-app purchases or can be gained through gameplay to influence the outcome of a fight. Aside from those in-app purchases, the app will be completely free to download and play.

As is often the case with pre-registration games, there is no official date on which the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is set to become available. Meanwhile, although the company also hasn’t revealed what promotional items it will be doling out to those who sign up for notifications when it launches, it has promised additional perks when it does. Given that in-app purchases are going to be present in this title, those bonuses might be pretty valuable to players just getting started, though. So anybody who is interested in checking it out will want to head over to the Google Play Store via the button below to get signed up.

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