Best Fitness Trackers Buyers Guide – February 2018

Winter still isn’t over but if you’re waiting for optimal weather conditions in order to start going on regular runs, you’re not nearly as committed to getting fit as you’d like to believe. The time to start exercising is now and what better way to get yourself motivated than buying a device that’s solely dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals? While the smartwatch segment is arguably stagnating, fitness trackers are still going strong and gaining momentum on a monthly basis, so getting one now would certainly be a good idea, especially given the current level of competition that drove down wearable prices to their all-time lows. With that in mind, below you’ll find the list of the top ten best fitness trackers money can presently buy, spanning all price segments and target audiences.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Best Fitness Trackers Buyers Guide – February 2018

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 isn’t the latest wearable to hit the market, but it’s still an extremely compelling offering, especially since its price recently dropped to below $30. Getting a heart rate monitor and an OLED screen in this price segment is a rare find so if you’re the type of consumer that’s interested in maximizing the value they’re getting for their money, this is a fitness tracker that’s certainly worth considering.

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Moov Now

Best Fitness Trackers Buyers Guide – February 2018

If you aren’t interested in attaching a screen to your wrist but would still like a reliable tool for tracking your activity that can help you analyze your routines and help you exercise more efficiently, the Moov Now is a device designed precisely for that purpose. Boasting a water-resistant design and a real-time audio coach, this wearable can serve as an excellent entry point to the fitness tracking segment without making you worry about recharging it on a daily basis due to some power-hungry screen.

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YuanGuo Vigorun4

Best Fitness Trackers Buyers Guide – February 2018

The YuanGuo Vigorun4 is capable of serving as a Fitbit-like tracker for people who aren’t willing to pay for an actual Fitbit-made wearable. It doesn’t come with a guarantee of incredible after-sales support you’d get from larger brands but it also doesn’t want to charge you for it in advance. Instead, it offers a comprehensive fitness tracking package with a heart rate monitor and waterproof design, as well as a battery that can last for days or even weeks, depending on how you use it. Given its $43.99 price tag, that’s more than enough to make the YuanGuo Vigorun4 a worthy low-end recommendation for people looking to get into smart fitness tracking without breaking the bank.

Buy YuanGuo Vigorun4

Fitbit Charge 2

Best Fitness Trackers Buyers Guide – February 2018

Fitbit is one of the most recognizable names in the wearable industry and the Charge 2 is its flagship product that’s been enjoying widespread commendations from both critics and consumers alike for over a year now. Besides the conventional tracking features you’d come to expect from such an offering, possibly the biggest selling point of the Fitbit Charge 2 is its ability to deliver real-time stats, allowing you to optimize your workouts while performing them and making your activities even more effective.

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Fitbit Alta HR

Best Fitness Trackers Buyers Guide – February 2018

If you like the concept of the Fitbit Charge 2 but would prefer to trade some screen real estate for a longer-lasting battery, the Fitbit Alta HR is a product that’s definitely worth considering, being able to operate for up to a week on a single charge while still delivering the vast majority of extra features of its more robust counterpart, all while still coming with the guarantee of quality one would usually associate with Fitbit’s brand.

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Garmin Vívofit 4

Best Fitness Trackers Buyers Guide – February 2018

If you’ve been following the wearable scene for a while, you may have heard of how the Vívofit 3 was the best barebones fitness tracker money can buy that comes with all of the basic activity tracking features you need while not requiring a new battery for over a year. The Vívofit 4 offers the same level of performance while upgrading its screen to a color display and adding some extra functionalities, all while remaining under $80. As far as casual but highly reliable wearables are concerned, Garmin’s Vívofit 4 is as good as they come.

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Garmin Forerunner 645

Best Fitness Trackers Buyers Guide – February 2018

Garmin’s Forerunner 645 was designed as a jack of all trades that does everything from fitness tracking and GPS mapping to music playback and contactless payments. As such, it also comes with a steep price tag and is exclusively targeted at people who aren’t first-time wearable owners. If you happen to be one of them and are looking to take your smart fitness game to the next level, the Forerunner 645 is the device that will make that happen regardless of your preferences and workout routines.

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Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Best Fitness Trackers Buyers Guide – February 2018

Samsung’s Gear Fit2 Pro is a fitness tracker meant to compete with the best products on the market that’s entirely resistant to the elements and comes with 4GB of internal flash storage you can use for saving Spotify playlists in order to stream them through your wireless earbuds even without an Internet connection or a smartphone. As far as activity tracking is concerned, the device offers everything from a heart rate monitor and GPS to support for robust third-party apps such as MapMyRun. If you’re looking for a fitness-oriented wearable that can also allow you to answer your emails and texts while still offering everything you need to make your workouts more effective, the Gear Fit2 Pro is an extremely safe bet to make.

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Samsung Gear Sport

Best Fitness Trackers Buyers Guide – February 2018

The Gear Sport is the culmination of Samsung‘s wearable efforts, being both the ultimate fitness tracker and smartwatch bundled into a single 5ATM-rated package that can survive virtually any kind of weather conditions you could encounter while leading your excitingly active life. While its $299.99 price tag isn’t cheap by any means, it doesn’t just denote the figure you’re paying to get a great fitness-oriented wearable, it’s how much not compromising on anything when it comes to choosing a wearable costs.

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Fitbit Ionic

Best Fitness Trackers Buyers Guide – February 2018

The Ionic is Fitbit’s first true smartwatch, albeit one that’s entirely dedicated to fitness tracking, offering the capabilities of the Charge 2 but in a more premium package that can also allow you to save songs for offline listening, create personalized workout routines, and not worry about charging for days. If you find the Apple Watch lineup visually attractive but aren’t a fan of watchOS, the Fitbit Ionic will likely be able to deliver on all of your needs, and then some.

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