58742 Black Friday Comes Early To The Samsung 65-inch Q60 4K TV
Black Friday Comes Early To The Samsung 65-inch Q60 4K TV

Black Friday Comes Early To The Samsung 65-inch Q60 4K TV

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Best Buy’s new “Beat the Rush” sale has Black Friday prices a week early, on a number of products including this Samsung 65-inch Q60 QLED TV. Allowing you to save $200 and get it for just $999.

But you’d better hurry as this sale ends Saturday, November 23.

This TV from Samsung is one of the best you can get. It’s part of the Q60 series, which is a more high-end QLED TV from the company, and it offers some really great features.


Of course, it has that amazing looking display, thanks to it being QLED. It has many of the benefits of OLED, but without the screen burn-in that OLED suffers from. So you’re still getting some deep blacks on this QLED TV. As well as some really crisp colors.

It will upscale non-4K content to 4K, so you will definitely see a difference even when watching content that is in 1080p. Which is always a good thing these days.

Now inside the Q60, Samsung has its own software running the show. It’s Tizen, similar to its wearables. But on TVs it is a bit different. It does have all of the apps that you’d come to expect from a Smart TV in 2019. That includes YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Google Play Movies & TV, Amazon Prime Video, and much more, so no matter what service you prefer to use, it’ll all be available on this TV.


Samsung has included four HDMI ports on the Q60, as well as two USB ports. There’s also the usual array of optical, composite and ethernet ports available too.

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All of this for just $999, it’s really a great deal. If you’re looking for a new TV for your entertainment center, then this is definitely the one to get.

You can pick up the Samsung 65-inch Q60 QLED 4K TV from Best Buy now by clicking here. 


Samsung 65-inch Q60 TV – Best Buy – $999

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