86103 Bundle The Echo Dot (4th Gen) & Amazon Smart Plug For $39

Bundle The Echo Dot (4th Gen) & Amazon Smart Plug For $39

Today in Amazon’s Black Friday Deals, you can save by bundling the Echo Dot (4th Gen) and the Smart Plug together for just $39.99. Normally, these would cost you $75 – that’s $50 for the Echo Dot and $25 for the Smart Plug. So this is a really great deal. Especially if you were looking to grab an Echo Dot.

The new Echo Dot is shaped like a ball, kind of, which looks really cool, and it has the LED ring on the bottom to let you know when Alexa is listening. With this cylinder shape on the Echo Dot, it is able to act as a 360-degree speaker a bit more. Making it more useful for a stereo pair of speakers in the living room or elsewhere in your home.

Of course, the Echo Dot has Amazon Alexa built-in. Allowing you to ask all sorts of questions like how’s the weather, what’s in the news and much more. It can also be used to control your smart home products. Which is why it is bundled with the Amazon Smart plug today.


The Amazon Smart Plug is a pretty simple smart plug. It doesn’t do anything too special. But with this smart plug, you’ll be able to turn older, dumb appliances into smart ones. So you could plug in a fan into this smart plug, and then tell Alexa to turn it on, using your voice. For example. Which is really neat. And much better than spending money on a new “smart fan”.

This bundle can take care of two people on your list this holiday season. So it’s definitely worth jumping on. This sale won’t last long, and stock will likely start to run out with shipping dates pushed back past Christmas. So you’d better buy now.

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You can pick up the Echo Dot and the Amazon Smart Plug from Amazon today by clicking here. 

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