59013 Bundle The Echo Dot & Two Philips Hue Bulbs For $32
Bundle The Echo Dot & Two Philips Hue Bulbs For $32

Bundle The Echo Dot & Two Philips Hue Bulbs For $32

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Amazon is bundling the Echo Dot with two Philips Hue A19 bulbs for just $32. That is a pretty crazy price. Considering the Echo Dot itself is normally priced at $50, and this bundle would cost you nearly $80.

This is a really great bundle to get to kickstart a smart home. As you’re getting two smart bulbs, and a hub that can control them with the Philips Hue app and with your voice.

These Philips Hue bulbs are not the white and color ambiance bulbs. Instead, these are the White bulbs. So you won’t be able to change the color on these. You’ll only be able to adjust the temperature and dim them if you wish to do so. These will work great in some ceiling lights or even in a lamp. Where you likely wouldn’t change the color anyways.


Philips Hue works with Amazon Alexa of course, as well as Google Assistant and Siri. So you can use your voice to control these bulbs. There’s also support for IFTTT for some home automation. Which is a really nice addition.

Now the Echo Dot, of course has Alexa built-in. Which is why this bundle exists. It’s going to allow you to control these bulbs and other smart home products with your voice. You can also ask Alexa some questions, as well as finding the weather, traffic and the news. Which is all really cool.

The Echo Dot also has a hub built-in, so you won’t need to get a Hue Bridge to get these Hue Bulbs to work. Since these are not the latest model bulbs, that do have WiFi and Bluetooth built-in. Which is alway really nice. As you won’t need to buy anything else to get these to work.


You can pick up this bundle of the Echo Dot and two Philips Hue bulbs from Amazon by clicking here. 

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Echo Dot & Two Philips Hue Bulbs – Amazon – $32

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