Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Get A Free Gear Fit2 Pro In Samsung’s President’s Day Sale 2019

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is available for $549 right now, which is the regular price. But Samsung is throwing in a free Gear Fit2 Pro with this purchase, so you are getting a wearable that normally costs $199. If you were looking to get a tablet and a fitness tracker, then this is a really good sale to take advantage of.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 is perhaps the best tablet on the market right now, but it is not cheap. Throwing in a Gear Fit2 Pro for free does really make it a much more attractive price though. The Galaxy Tab S4 has a 10.5-inch AMOLED display, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset with 6GB of RAM. There is also 64GB or 256GB of storage available. The Galaxy Tab S4 does also sport a large 7300mAh capacity battery, making it great for consuming media.

Meanwhile the Gear Fit2 Pro is a fitness tracker from Samsung that does offer some pretty unique features. The Gear Fit2 Pro does track all of your usual metrics like your steps taken, calories burned, workouts and even tracking your swimming. You can also still get all of your notifications on your wrist, including your emails, messages and more. Making it a smartwatch as well.

You can pick up the Galaxy Tab S4 from Samsung’s website through the link below. Samsung allows you to get the WiFi or the carrier model, as well as picking your storage and the color of the Gear Fit2 Pro you’d like.

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