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Car-charging Drones of the Future


I love the concept of e-cars for their environmental friendliness but, honestly, my advice would be to never date someone who drives one! My partner’s e-car can travel a whopping 100 miles between each 8 hour charge which means I’m always the one stuck behind the wheel. If only he had access to a Volt drone, then I might actually get to chill out in the passengers seat for once!

The design takes portable charging to the next level. In fact, I can’t recall ever seeing a mobile car charger let alone one that flies. The subscription service is accessible via app. Whether it’s on long road trips where there are few charging stations or simply between spots in town, users can order a charging Volt drone to ensure their vehicle always has enough power to get them from point A to point B.

Designer: Inyeop Baek








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Car-charging Drones of the Future

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