Co-op Mode Is Now Live In Chess Rush, Additional Mode Coming

Chess Rush, the Auto Chess clone from Tencent which launched back in July, has finally added Co-op mode to the game for those who want to play with their friends. The update should be going live for most players or is already live for most players who have the game installed.

Co-op mode will take four teams of two and allow them to battle it out on the board for supremacy. To make things even more interesting Tencent is launching another update for Co-op mode on August 15 that will bump those two-person teams to four, making for a more intense match as it’ll be 4v4 instead of 2v2.


Tencent doesn’t mention anything about whether or not it will be going live globally on that date, but chances are pretty high that it will be available at the same time to any user who has the game installed regardless of where they’re located.

If August 15 is too long for you to wait for new content, more features are coming to the game on August 8 including a new character. In fact there will be two new characters added into Chess Rush in early August, though Tencent doesn’t give out specific dates of arrival so both new characters could arrive at the same time.


In regards to the new characters coming in the near future players will be able to select from the Undead Assassin and the Undead Thief when choosing their match roster. The new characters will be joined by a season of gameplay called simply The Rush Begins, which will be Chess Rush’s first season of the game. This will be arriving on August 8 as part of the new patch so this is likely when players can expect to see both of the two new characters as well.

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Tencent has plans to add a lot more content to this game over the coming months starting with The Rush Begins, which should excite the growing player base. In just around a month Chess Rush has already gained over one million downloads, showcasing the growing popularity of games like Chess Rush that almost play themselves. Worth noting of course is that over one million is still a far cry from Auto Chess, which has over five million downloads since its release.


As a Chinese company most of Tencent’s mobile games are available in China only, and although it’s the largest game publisher in that country it’s been feverishly working to expand its revenues and offerings beyond China to countries like the US and other Western regions.

Games like Chess Rush are a good example of that, but even better examples are games like the wildly popular PUBG MOBILE, the mobile counterpart of the battle roayle game that can be found on PC. Call of Duty Mobile is another game from Tencent that is poised to receive large numbers of downloads once it’s actually available worldwide, as it’s currently only available in China, Canada, and Australia officially. Tencent has also struck deals with companies like Qualcomm to further innovate in the mobile gaming industry beyond developing and publishing mobile games.


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