Colorist Offers A Relaxing Twist On Adult Coloring Books

The adult coloring book trend has come into its own and there are thousands of apps in the Play Store that offer a similar experience, but Colorist looks to make things even more relaxing by tossing in a few extra features. One of the most immediately noticeable differences with this app from the rest of the crowd is the music. The app offers a number of instrumentals with different moods, and they cycle as you color. This app is also easier to use than a number of comparable solutions, and even lets you upload your finished colorings to the community at large, or on social media.

Opening the app, you’ll be greeted by a huge number of works that you can color in a variety of categories, from famous art to landscapes. Once you’ve picked one, you’ll find your palette along the bottom, and tapping on a color will switch you to that color. From there, tap on an area to fill it with that color, or use the paintbrush icon in the top of the app window to color a slew of areas with one stroke. The app automatically takes care of shading and texture, ensuring that glass looks like glass, oil looks like oil, and no matter how you choose and place your colors, each work of art comes out looking pretty good.

The whole experience is ad-free and does not seem to feature any in-app purchases, further setting it apart from its contemporaries. The goal of Colorist is to provide a relaxing activity to help you collect your scattered thoughts and simply zone out, which can be a potent form of home therapy for stressed individuals. Life provides many opportunities for people to overload on stress and cram too much information and too many orders into their brains, and apps like this one offer a solution in the form of an antithesis of sorts to the chaotic daily grind. There are other, less involved relaxation apps out there, of course, but if you’re already a fan of coloring books or color by number games, or haven’t tried one before, hit the Google Play button below and give this a try. Who knows, it may improve your day just a bit.

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