COWIN E7 Pro Wireless Headphones $61 – Amazon Year-End Deals 2018

Amazon has discounted the COWIN E7 Pro Wireless Headphones, dropping the price to just $60.99. That is down from about $125, making this a really great deal for those looking to get their hands on a pair of new headphones, especially wireless ones, seeing as most smartphones are getting rid of the headphone jack these days.

The COWIN E7 Pro is a pair of wireless headphones that have been updated for 2018, these are now active noise cancelling and have even better audio quality. That makes these a great pair of headphones to pick up and use for listening to music, working out and so forth. These are HiFi capable, so if you are an audiophile, then this is definitely the pair to grab. COWIN says that these sport “deep bass” so you should experience some really boomy lows on some music that has a lot of bass. Now when it comes to battery life COWIN did not disappoint there either. We’re looking at around 30 hours of continuous battery life here, which is going to last you a few days on a charge. Finally, COWIN has included NFC support here so that you can tap your phone to the headphones and they will connect automatically. You can grab the COWIN E7 Pro from Amazon using the link below.

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