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Deal: 2-Pack Of Nest Thermostat E For $318 – August 2018

Dell is currently selling a two pack of the Nest Thermostat E for just $318. That is just $20 off, but this is also one of the few times that the two pack has been on sale, and it is a great one to pick up. As you can grab a Nest Thermostat E for your home and then gift one to someone else – after all the holiday season is coming up pretty soon.

The Nest Thermostat E is a pretty good smart thermostat from Nest right now. It has a white display which looks really clean, and it does show you the temperature in digital format. So you can see the temperature from across the room. Since this is a Nest device, you can control it with the Nest app – available for both Android and iOS. With the app, you can adjust the temperature and even turn off the heat or air conditioning – even when you aren’t home. It also works for setting a schedule. In the summer, you may want the air conditioning to be cooler than at night, so you an set it to 60 degrees during the day and then move it to 70 at night, so it’s not too cold at night, and you save some cash as well.

Dell does offer up free shipping on just about everything on its site. And with larger products like this, that’s definitely a good thing. If you are a Dell Advantage Rewards member, you can earn even more points on this purchase. Now if you are not looking forward to spending this much cash today, Dell does offer 0% financing for 12 months. So you can apply for Dell’s financing and get this for just $0 today – though you’ll want to make sure you make your payments of course. You can pick it up from Dell’s website using the link down below.

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Buy the 2-Pack Of Nest Thermostat E

Deal: 2-Pack Of Nest Thermostat E For $318 – August 2018

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