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Deal: LG (OLED55E7P) 55-inch OLED 4K TV For $1399 – August 2018

Newegg Flash currently has the LG OLED55E7P OLED TV on sale for $1399. That is a great deal on this model, which rarely goes below $1500. However, if you use the promo code MPBTC18 and checkout with MasterPass, you can save another $25, bringing the total down to $1374. That makes this a really great price, especially if you are looking for a new OLED TV.

This is the 2017 version of LG’s popular OLED TVs, as this is the E7P. That is not a big deal, really, seeing as TV’s don’t change too much from year to year. The E7P is still a really good option for those that are looking to pick up an OLED TV, but don’t want to spend a few grand – though you’re still going to be spending a fair amount. This TV does have a pretty good set of speakers included, that are Dolby Atmos certified, so you are going to feel like you are in a movie theater, which is definitely pretty cool. There’s also Dolby Vision to go along with that OLED display, which is going to give you hands-down the best picture of any TV on the market right now. This is also a HDR TV, so the colors are going to really pop, and the blacks are actually going to be completely black and not dark gray like with an LED TV.

Newegg does offer free shipping on this product, however its free shipping is somewhat slow. You can upgrade to faster shipping, if you don’t want to wait around five business days to get your product. Of course, if you are a Newegg Premiere Member, you do get free unlimited 3-day shipping, which is always nice to have. Newegg does not charge taxes in most States, so you’ll need to check to see whether you’ll be charged or not.

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Buy the LG (OLED55E7P) 55-inch OLED 4K TV

Deal: LG (OLED55E7P) 55-inch OLED 4K TV For $1399 – August 2018

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