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Deal: Save on JBL Studio 2 Loudspeakers – Today Only

Amazon is discounting a slew of JBL’s Studio 2 Loudspeakers today, as part of its Gold Box Deal of the Day. You’ll be able to save up to $70 on each one of these loudspeakers. So if you’ve been looking to add some speakers to your home entertainment setup, this deal has all sorts of different models from JBL’s Studio 2 lineup.

Included in this deal, you’ll find the JBL Studio 235C for $199 which is $50 off of its regular price. This is a great one to pick up and put underneath your TV for some better audio out of your TV. The JBL Studio 220 which are 4-inch, 2-way bookshelf loudspeakers (and they come in a pair) are also on sale today for $179. This would be a good option for those that want to add some surround sound to their setup. The JBL Sub 260P is also on sale, for $279, down from $349. This is a 12-inch, 300-Watt powered subwoofer, which is going to definitely add some nice bass to your setup, especially if you are one that watches a lot of action movies, this is definitely going to be a good one. There are plenty of other great speakers from JBL on sale today, however these are only good today until midnight PST, so you’re going to want to take advantage of this deal before the prices go back to their regular price.

This item is also eligible for Amazon Prime’s free shipping. Which includes free two-day shipping, and pretty cheap (usually $3.99) next-day shipping if you need it extra fast. If you are not an Amazon Prime member yet, you can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime. You’ll get 30 days free (if you’re a student, you get 6 months), and then it’s $119/year (or $59/year for students). Prime members do get a whole lot more than just free shipping though, so be sure to check out the full benefits.

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Save on JBL Studio 2 Loudspeakers

Deal: Save on JBL Studio 2 Loudspeakers – Today Only

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