58628 Diablo Rival 'Path Of Exile' Is Coming To Mobile
Diablo Rival ‘Path Of Exile’ Is Coming To Mobile

Diablo Rival ‘Path Of Exile’ Is Coming To Mobile

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Path of Exile is coming to mobile devices. What’s more is it aims to “buck the bullshit trends of mobile games.” In a recently released reveal trailer, developers show off bits and pieces of the gameplay.

They also briefly discuss a few key points about the game development and the game itself. If you watch the trailer, you’ll also notice some not so subtle shade being thrown at Blizzard for Diablo Immortal.

Grinding Gear Games Co-Founder Chris Wilson doesn’t explicitly mention Diablo Immortal or Blizzard.


It’s pretty clear though what’s being referenced. Wilson says that the game “wasn’t just farmed out to an external studio. It’s developed entirely by our team here in New Zealand.”

For those unfamiliar, Blizzard got a lot of negative attention for Diablo Immortal. For numerous reasons. A big part of that though was because the game is developed in partnership with Chinese game studio NetEase.

Path of Exile Mobile will be the same game, just scaled down

The reveal trailer for the game is short and sweet. It’s direct and to the point too. The dev team members also kick off the trailer by talking about how most mobile games these days contain a lot of “evil garbage.”


Throughout the rest of the trailer, the team is quick to point out that it’s doing things differently. Path of Exile Mobile will have none of the worst things about mobile games that people hate.

According to the studio, it will be the same game as on PC, but scaled down for mobile devices. The game is being developed with certain mobile aspects in mind. Such as quick turn around time on maps to account for shorter play sessions.

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Wilson says that the game will also retain every deep system that players of the original game would expect. Based on his description, the mobile version will have everything that keeps the game rich and complex. For fans of the PC version, this should be an exciting thing to hear.


The goal is to have “zero compromise” in the mobile version

Grinding Gear Games wasn’t playing around when it brought PoE to PC years ago and tried to steal the crown from Blizzard and Diablo. It’s not playing around now either.

PoE has grown into a massive hit with fans of the older Diablo games, and for good reason. The game is solid. Trevor Gamon, the “mobile fall guy” for PoE Mobile says the game will have absolutely “zero compromise.” At least, that’s the goal the studio has.

By the sounds of it, PoE Mobile will be a force to be reckoned with in the hack and slash action RPG genre on mobile. It should also be excellent competition for Diablo Immortal, and hopefully push both games to be the best that they can be.


As for when the game releases, there’s no word just yet. In the trailer, footage of some of the gameplay is labeled as pre-alpha that’s been recorded on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. That means the game could be pretty far off. Either way, if you’re an action RPG fan, this is one game to keep an eye on.

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