157977 Do you like Google Messages? Well, you can let the company know

Do you like Google Messages? Well, you can let the company know

Being a beta tester for an app is a great way to test out features before they become publicly available. However, with great power, comes great responsibility; you’re responsible for giving feedback about the app. Google is now encouraging its beta testers for Google Messages to send in their feedback, according to a new report.

Sending feedback for an app is an important thing to do. It might seem trivial, but if you’re experiencing a bug while testing an app, then reporting it will help bring it to the company’s attention. This means that there’s more of a chance that the company will fix that issue. This is especially important for issues that could become major problems.


Beta testers can give feedback for Google Messages

If you’ve been using Google Messages over the past couple of months, then you’ve seen the numerous changes that the company has pushed to the app recently. Now, the company is looking to know how it did.

When you open a conversation, you’ll see a banner stretch across the screen saying “As a beta tester, you’re using a new version of Messages and we’d like to know what you think.” Under that, you’ll see the Send feedback button.

When you tap on that, you’ll be taken to the app’s feedback screen. It almost looks like you’re in Gmail, but you’ll see some more items at the bottom of the screen. The first item will give you the option to send a screenshot to Google. The second item will give you the option to send the system logs to the company.

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Up top, you’ll be able to type out your feedback. If you’re having any issues with the app or if there’s something that you want to change, be sure to jot it down. Make sure you’re descriptive, as you can. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the option to have Google email you with updates.

If you want to access the feedback screen, you can without the banner. Tap on your profile picture and tap on the Help & feedback button. At the bottom of the resulting page, tap on the Send feedback button.

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